Distance not an issue; we do taxes for all states

Distance not an issue; we do taxes for all states

Tax preparers are licensed to prepare federal returns for all states of the union.  Basically, this business is essentially “evidence based reporting” so distance is not an issue.  Your preparer is trained to know what is and is not a valid evidence as income or deduction for income tax purposes.  There is no necessity of personal contact but it is necessary to interview the client to make sure that the return being prepared is factual.

At Lifeway, we use a checklist of documents that are needed for us to prepare your return.  The list is not all inclusive but it is a good guide to start with.  If there are other information needed, these will be asked in the phone interview. You can access the checklist here and scroll to the bottom of the page. The checklist is categorized as to what type of return is appropriate.  You can send these documents to us by mail to:

  •        Lifeway Tax and Insurance
  •        701 Juanita St.,                                   or by fax to 562-448 3079
  •        La Habra, CA 90631

We do not recommend emailing scanned copies of these documents as they have your sensitive information and may be hacked.

Upon receipt of the documents, your return will be inputted in our Drake software and we will call you for the interview to complete your return.  Upon completion of a draft, you will be informed of the amount due or to be refunded. If approved, the return will be finalized, printed and mailed to you for your final approval, signature and mailing to the IRS and the state where you are required to file.  If your return is qualified for e-filing, it will be e-filed accordingly. If you have changes to make, inform us and we will revise and resend the return, if needed.

Your convenience is our priority.  Distance is not an issue and mailing is inexpensive.  If you have access to a fax machine, it is even more convenient.  But, if your tax situation is complicated and a considerable discussion is necessary or preferred, make an appointment to see us.  We will make time for you.


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