Are the big tax preparer chains HR Block, Liberty Tax good for you?

Are the big tax preparer chains HR Block, Liberty Tax good for you?

Choosing a tax consultant/ tax preparer is a sensitive matter requiring careful consideration. HR Block and Liberty Tax are fighting hard to get your business.  But, are they good for you?  If you found a consultant/ preparer who has earned your trust, our suggestion is to keep him.


But, if you are not happy with their service, like when they rushed you to close the return even if you have concerns or you are wondering if they did a good job last year, read along.  We think the most important aspect in choosing a tax preparer/consultant is TRUST. Consider these questions.

1. Can I trust my preparer with my family’s SSN and DOB which can be easily misused and abused?

2. Does he have my best interest in mind so that he does not rush and carefully looks for deductions I am entitled to?

3. If I have a big tax bill, can I defer some income to reduce my tax due?  Is this option available to him?

4. Can I trust him to give me tax planning advice so I can avoid falling into tax traps.  Mind you, HR Block and other big chains are in business only to prepare your return. They are not around to give you tax advice specially so after April 15.

With Lifeway, tax advice is free, and available year round.  Moreover, we take stewardship of your personal information (SSN, DOB, phone, email, children’s details) very seriously and will not sell or share your information to anyone, period!  We work to earn your trust and keep it.

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